As i passed along the National Stadium yesterday, i nearly wept as i came along groups and groups of women and children lying on the grass, pavements and every other place, looking scared, exhausted and in panic. Everywhere, i could hear children screaming in fear as they couldn't find their mothers nor any family members!

Since it was early in the morning and i was heading to the office, i asked my driver to stop near one of the group of women who seemed to be helping one grieving mother whose baby was lost. I couldn't get close enough to see the woman in question, but her sobs and sad voice penetrated deep into my heart, as she continued to give out the details of her two year old son who got lost among the chaos of the night before.

Until i left the grounds, nobody was able to locate the whereabouts of the baby.
It is so sad how women and children become the most affected in any disaster,...My heartfelt condolence goes out to all who lost their loved ones, and May The Almighty God heal all the physical and psychological wounded, and help all of us to get through this with enough courage.

God Bless Tanzania
God bless us, all.

Missie Popular

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