How Important is that Engagement Ring?!

Heeeey Ladies...
Yesterday i met one of my good male friends and he asked me to join him and his friends for a drink. As we sat at this nice pub,there was a couple sitting just two tables from us, and it looks like our girl had just hit the jackpot! Well..we couldn't help but stare as the engagement ring was unwrapped and the girl (eyes popping out of their sockets) screamed with joy as she discovered the Tanzanite glinting on her finger.
Show over, we went back to sipping our drinks..and then Jim started this topic which led to a rather big discussion on "Ladies and their heavy, expensive engagement rings!"!
We are girls,right! we are entitled to all expensive money can buy,right! then what are these crazy men complaining about!

I couldn't help much by becoming too emotional...(been dreaming about that Tanzanite ring my whole teenage life),so they sadly defeated me.
Thats where you come in my me educate these monkeys on the importance,or should i say the delicacy of US,the female specie, needing that heavy carat engagement ring, and if possible, to be delivered to us in front of those jealousy friends of ours!.

Hit me,ladies!
Missie Popular


  1. Hi Miss Popular,
    i really like you blog and the idea behind it!
    well,to tell you the truth,i think men are just too complicated!
    when a woman doesnt demand expensive things, they say she is cheap! AND when we do, its all about gold-digging, unrealistic bitches!WHAT DO THEY WANT?really!!
    Aaaaaagh!,its just so frustrating!

  2. Men are just crazy!..frankly,i dont care about the wedding,and i think i may be speaking for many other women out there that, a big wedding isnt as important to us as that engagement ring!
    they should just get that in thier silly minds,just like we try to understand their obsession with football!