Kili Tanzania Music Awards (KTMA) tonight!

I have been into three different Kili Music awards and i must say, this year's was an amazing event! Live band performances of all genres.....from Zouk, R & B, Hip Hop, all was presented artistically and in a professional manner.

When i heard the MC voices, i couldn't help but say "Its about time!" not sure if am the only one who was tired of seeing the same faces of Jokate and Taji Liundi on that stage!
Penny and Millard Ayo were amazing, and..damn! those costumes that were put on and off every time!..just beautiful!
As usual, the most energetic and creative performers of THT were there to start off the show with a bolingo number that was wonderfully presented.
 The whole of Diamond Jubillee was full of 20% ambassadors who was there to support him as he stole almost all of the awards!
Congratulation to 20% and his producer Man Water- Man guys deserved it!
Haikuishia hapo, we witnessed wonderful performances from Diamond, The amazing- Ali Kiba, Mzee Yusuph, CPWAA, AY&FA, and many more...

 The Diva of the night was Missie Linah...the best female vocalist of the year!

                                 there you go gal,work it, it!congratulations to Linah and Lady JayDee for representing other Divas in Fame-hood :-)

Big up to the TBL team and all organizers for the blending of all Starts from all angles in making this event a success.I was amazed to see our footballers, Fashion icons, Entrepreneurs, Radio and TV Presenters...just to mention a few..all forming a part of KTMA awards ceremony! 

Other awards went to CPWAA, Joe Makini, Lamar,JCB,Mzee Yusuf, Mapacha Watatu, Khaled Chokoraa and Mpoki.

                         The young and talented producer, Lamar..
am so digging that suit CPWAA!
                                      A- City in da' house..........

And the Hall of Fame award went to Mzee Mabella, the only artist who has stayed in a band since 1960's,  the Msondo Ngoma Band!
So..thats how things went down at the KTMAs this year...


Missie Popular


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