Fashion Evolution- CPWAA

His real name being Ilunga Khalifa, CPWAA was born on 2nd of March 1982, in Tanzania. CPWAA is among the top celebrated Tanzania musicians, and my favourite crunk artist in East Africa!
One of the many things that leaves his fans wild is his sense of style...lets see its trend to present.

                                   My favourite CPWAA look!

                                           Need I say more!?!!                                                      
 CPWAA and his mommy...such a mama's boy ..and we love him for that!...lollest

Wanna know more about him, check-out his cool website

Missie Popular


  1. I dig his fashion sense....and his music too...
    Love him :)

  2. He is amazing!i might say,he is among the very few Tanzanian musicians who take their music career serious!..dont we all love him :-)