America's Next Top Model Cycle 16-Final Two!

Who is it going to be? 



Age: 19
Height: 5’ 10 ½”
Hometown: Beech Creek, Pennsylvania
Current Location: Howard, Pennsylvania
Occupation: College student, studying English, International Studies and Spanish
Favorite Designer: Marc Jacobs
Biggest ANTM Fear: Living in the house with the other models.
Most Confident About:

My walk. The runway is my favorite part of the modeling world.
Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love dancing, and any form of artistic expression, including collages, painting and crafts. Also reading, writing and being with friends and family.

 Age: 22
Height: 5’ 10”
Hometown: Charleston, South Carolina
Current location: Charleston, South Carolina
Occupation: College student, studying biology
Favorite Designer: Alexander McQueen
Biggest ANTM Fear: Not getting along with everyone.
Most Confident About: Definitely the photo shoots.
Favorite Non-Modeling Activities: I love watching movies and TV shows, reading, swimming and shopping.
 The battle is on! 


                                                                                  Who should be crowned America's Next                       Top model for Cycle 16? Remember the                           prizes, Cover girl, A Spread in                                   Vogue, Another Spread in Vogue                                   Italia and the biggest one...a contract                     with IMG!
So, who is going to take Ann Ward's place? Watch this page :-)
 Missie Popular 



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