America's Next Top Model...And the Winner is...

After all the hard work, tears and amazingly beautiful catwalks....(ahem..besides the fall)

It remained the battle between two beauties.... 
                                    Brittani                               Molly                                 

So..the judges sat down and deliberate...going through all the developments in all angles, picture shoots, runways, attitudes, personalities....
 Even their high fashion cover girl ads and cover page shoot!

"We have reached the decision"...announced Tyra...And when the girls returned to the stage, The winner was announced............
 America's Next Top Model Cycle 16 is.......
                                         The Trailer park girl...Brittani!

Winning the prize of, Cover girl commercial, the IMG deal, a spread in Vogue Italia, and another spread in Beauty in Vogue...sweet JC! Congratulations indeed!

Next on America's next Top All-Star season!
Shannon (cycle 1), Camille (cycle 2), Brittany (cycle 4), Bre (cycle 5), Lisa (Cycle 5), Bianca (cycle 9), Dominique (cycle 9), Isis..yay!(cycle 11), Sheena (cycle 11), Allison (cycle 12), Laura (cycle 13), Angelea (cycle 14), Kayla (cycle 15) and the Bitch- herself...Alexandria (cycle 16)!

Will there be enough drama?.hell,yeah!

Missie Popular


  1. such an amazing cycle brittani is my third favorite girl to win antm

  2. They should've done her hair like that in the first place...

  3. Ooooh i agree with you 100%!!do you remember how awful her wig was?Molly endured a lot in this season!!

  4. i liked molly's haircut but at first i thought she kinda looked like a dude