An Exclusive Interview with CPWAA!

On my way to Arusha this weekend, i met CPWAA at the airport. Out of nowhere a thought struck me, and i remembered the advice i was once given by the blog-guru Issa Michuzi (Michu)....and i wondered, why don't i approach him and get a short interview?

So...when we reached the waiting lounge, i did what is feared by many :-)..
i approached CPWAA, and asked him if i can record him on my phone...just a short interview. To my surprise, he was okay with it. Check this out, and...enjoy!

Ooooh, without forgetting this, THANK YOU SO MUCH, CPWAA for the signed copy of  "CPWAA  The Album". obtain an Original copy of the Album, contact CPWAA at any time...and grab your copy now!

Missie Popular


  1. Nice interview.. Do you mind if we use it for a collection of paps bongo?

  2. Thats okay, long as you mention as your source :-)