The Great Guy is GAY!!

.its comic.. ;)

..d 'perfect guy' is gentle..
 ..never cruel n mean..
 ..he has a beautiful smile..
 ..n keeps his face so clean..
 ..d 'perfect guy' likes children..
 ..n ll raise dem by ur side..
 ..he ll b a good father.. well as a gud husband to his bride..
 ..d 'perfect guy' luves cookin...
 ..cleanin n sweepin d room too...
 ..he ll do anythin in his power... convey his feelings of luv unto you..
 .. d 'perfect guy' is sweet..
 ..writing poetry on ur name..
 ..he 's a best frn to ur mother...
 ..always kisses away ur pain...
 ..he never has made ur cry..
 ..or hurt u in any way... hell wid dis  poem..
 ..d perfect guy is 'gay'...hehehe ;) :)

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Have a less blue Monday and a blessed week ahead :-)

Missie Popular 


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