A Call to My Tanzanian Artists.

Be it in music, film, drama, commedy, fashion...you name it! There emerged the mania for blogs and websites among these Popular people in Tanzania, the likes of AY, CPWAA, Nuru,FidQ, Lady JayDee ..just to mention few.

My problem, or should i say, Your fans' problem is with the latest news and info in your websites, blogs and even Facebook and twitter pages!
As a fan of a certain artist, i expect to be updated of all the dealings of my favorite artist, like tours, shows, new up-coming products etc! But thats not the case!

Why do I have to rely on Clouds FM, Michuzi blog, Missie Popular blog :-) or TV shows, to know what you are up to? why do you have a blog/website in the first place!??
C'mon guys! Tumeamua kuingia kwenye mtandao, lets do it for real!

Ni hayo tu,

Missie Popular


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