The Evance Bukuku Comedy Show, went down like this!

Evans Bukuku Comedy Show is the craziest thing you have ever witnessed! If you think you have heard jokes,then THINK AGAIN. Yesterday's 10th event witnessed the attendance of many who-si-who in Dar es Salaam, including Hasheem Thabeet, Jokate Mwengelo, Joe Makini, Sauda Kilumanga, Lord Eyes, Issa Michuzi, Millard Ayo, Dina Marios and many other divas and gents of the entertainment, fashion and mostly, the music industry.

Here are some videos of how it went down....brace yourself!
I hope the secret service guys were not there,last night! Cause this guy was daring!!!

And when it came to that part for a song....there were no disappointments :-) Thanks to the song-bird Enika@  ...I LOVE FOOD!

The man himself...EVANS BUKUKU!, this guy is funny! I am damn sure that after you watch these videos, you will never miss any of the shows ever again!

Picture of the day:
                                        Mtu Mrefu, Hasheem Thabeet

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