Rihanna in Trouble over "Man Down" video

After the release of the Rihanna song, "Man Down", everyone i know was so curious to see how the video will be shot!!And am glad to say, many of us were not disappointed by "Riri", the Queen of controversy!
Yesterday BET had to defend the new video, as parents are scared of the "violent scenes" portrayed in the video :-).. Let me ask you this, when someone sings "i shot a man, .....now am a criminal..." do you expect her video to show her playing with dolls?seriously!

Madness i tell'ya! We see women raped and even killed in videos but nobody raise their hands and say "Thats encouraging violence!!"  nkt!!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sEhy-RXkNo0&feature=topvideos_music watch

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