Tusker Project Fame Allstar Season, Launched!

The new season for more fun on the stage has began...though i still don't get this "All-star" thingy...From BBA, Bongo Star Search..Tusker Project Fame!! well,thats not an issue, we are just happy to see our favorites back on stage!
                      My brother from another mother..Alpha!
                  Tzeeeeeeeeee well represented..Peter Msechu!
                                   Our own Sharo Baro...Hemed!
 The eight stars on the stage!Carolyn, Ng'ang'alito, Hemedy, Patricia, Alpha, Msechu, Amileena, and Davies
  And the hosts...The legend Gaetano and sweet Eve D'Souza

I hope this Allstar thing will have as much drama as the BBA version..lolz

Missie Popular


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