And its Official!! CPWAA will be perfoming at the Big Brother Amplified Finale!

After some speculation last week, its now confirmed that our Homeboy CPWAA has been invited to do a hot performance during the Big Brother Amplified Finale in South Africa. Yesterday, CPWAA wrote this message to his Facebook fan page and twitter account....

"Yo homies especially ARTISTS from Tanzania get me your songs, albums, video DVDs or any promotional material in good shape i will travel with them to SA and give it proper people who will promote it there! Need them by tomorrow, spread the news! Let's bridge the gap!"

And today he announced it.... "Its official! CPwaa to perform on BIG BROTHER AFRICA AMPLIFIED finale show 31st July.CPwaa will be the only artist representing the East African countries,other invited Artisst include FALLY IPUPA( CONGO), WIZ KID & CHEDDA (NIGERIA) and PROFFESOR and SPEEDY from S.A.

I was so impressed when i saw that first message,cause i know of so many Bongo artists who have and are still going outside the country for different shows so often...BUT aren't helping others like this.Big up crunk master!

Cant wait for that show :-)) make us proud,dearest.

Missie Popular


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