BREAKING NEWS!..Over 10,000 viewers Today!!

Thanks to all the supporters of for taking this milestone!! within 6 months we have managed to reach over 10,000 viewers....and we are growing!

Many thanks to Uncle Michuzi, Chediel Msuya, Said Bungara,Miss Flora Lyima, Dimo Debwe, Neema best friend Minah! and all of you who in one way or another, your contribution to the posts, pictures and/or ideas have helped this blog to move this far.


Lets get popularized,people!!!stay blessed,...and Missie Popular is here to bring you more popular info!there is more to come your way...don't leave the page

Missie Popular


  1. 10000 viewers, that is awesome. Congratulations. Keep up the good work......

  2. Thanks luv...we are now almost 17,000 and growing!!!its amazing!