CheusiDawa TV- Week 7 with Kalapina

A revolution indeed! Let me be the first one to say this; if our friends "secret service" wont interfere with this great Fid Q's CheusiDawa TV idea, then Hip Hop artists in Tanzania will be look-upon as revolution leaders and less of hooligans like it was (and still is) the perception!...Kalapina takes us through the current political debates that are going-on around our streets/neighborhood..HE even dares to speak about the topics that many of us have been afraid to even mention their existence in public! The Rostam Aziz saga, the North Africa political issues, Freemason relations with our political leaders...there is so much to listen to,in this video! WATCH

I applaud Fareed for this interview, and we awaits more to come. Big up to CheusiDawa TV and the entire team.Pamoja..

Missie Popular


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