CheusiDawa TV Week 8 with Abbas Kubaff

Ayaiyaiyaiii!! Abbas Kubaff!!!yaaay Thanks you FidQ for this :-) It has been quite some time since i heard this guy, thought he was in asylum somewhere around the

If you don't know who Abbas Kubaff is, here is his biography is short.

Abbas Kubaff also known as DooBeez is a Kenyan rapper born January 08, 197(needs help there)

He has been in the music industry for decades and has hit the all East African region with numbers like "Mo faya", "Chapaa".."Boom Boom Boom"..and he has done many features with Ukoo Flani, Bamboo, Kaz and many is DooBeez for you,WATCH
Kweli nimeukubali huu mstari...."hawa watu wanashindwa vile mi na-survive,niko kwa game miaka mob..lakini bado na-survive"...Its been kitambo (long) man...good to hear your voice again!

Big up to Fareed Kubanda (FidQ) for taking CheusiDawa TV International!Pamoja

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