Chichia for Made by Africa have WON the Ethical Fashion Forum Innovation Award 2011!!!

If you are in the Fashion world and you never heard, saw, leave aside-wore a Chichia London design...then shooot*
Its mad excitos for "Made by Africa" with the brand "Chichia for Made by Africa" who won the Ethical Fashion Forum Innovation Award,2011! Congrats to Christine Mhando and the entire Team for the win! Tanzanian designers making it big now,huh!
                                           Miss Christine Mhando for Chichia London

In case you have never seen any Chichia design, here is your first;

Miss FJ in a Chichia skirt....:-))))

Missie Popular


  1. love it,love it!she sure is talented...thanx for the post!

  2. She really IS talented!!let the jewel be seen :-))))