The Evans Bukuku Comedy Show

Yesterday i had an amazing night of laughter! with a full parked Sweet Eazy, the Evans Bukuku comedy club crew cracked jockes like nothing else...from soccer,life's hardships,love...and most of all...women!

 The host for the night, Sauda Kilumanga is another comedy expert! i love that TANESCO Blues song :-)
 Evans took it out on the Ladies....and "declared" his LOVE..."We love you too,sugar!"..just make sure your wife dont read this...lolz
 Enika!..wwwoooow! doing J-Lo and Lil' Wayne "Am In to you" joint...good stuff! I like the costumes too..on-point!

This Eleventh episode of the Evans Bukuku Comedy Show witnessed an increase of superstars a.k.a Popular peeps like Sauda Kilumanga, Lotus, Fid Q, Uncle Michuzi, Capital Television crew, and so many other Divas and Gents of Dar es Salaam.

COMING UP...The comic part that dominated the night...Dogo Janja!

Missie Popular


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