Groove Theory- What you missed

 It started small....around 2p.m...

 Miller in da' house!!
 Untill 4p.m Coral Beach was getting warmer and warmer!
 Well,yours truly was in the house too..Missie Popular ;-)))
 Sitting arangements were self-service ;-)))) so, some decided to hide in the far back bushes
 The food was amazing!!my mouth waters just thinking about it
 Whenever there is Missie BFF is there!Thanks for the great time, Simah!
                                                            People everywhere
 Sheria Ngowi, Tinashe and other amazing guyz where there too...
I was just left puzzled by this lady in a white dress and jeans!! (sigh)

Well, this is how it went down...see ya next time

p.s...That khanga hot-pant of your Vanessa Mdee....speechless!

Missie Popular


  1. WELDONE HUN,,AND YOU BOTH LOOK GREAT ,NA HIYO MIWANI YA JUA NAIOMBA ..Yani imekupendezea si mchezo!! keep up the good work hun.
    Miss FB "

  2. hahahaha,thanks luv.....i love those shades!!!well,we can trade though...with those pretty bags of yours :-)))