10 Year Old Model Thylane Loubry Blondeau, Vogue Cover contoversy

When Vogue Paris published a spread of this 10 year old French model,the world sparked with different views!The story even hit Good Morning America TV program in which many condemn Vogues' decision to put this girl's picture, showing her in some tight dress, high heels and make-up....in such a sexy adult pose....
Thylane Loubry Blondeau has been seen in other magazines posing half naked, just like the way we see Tyra, Flaviana Matata, Ajak..and other supermodels,do..
Her parents Patrick Blondeau, former soccer player and VĂ©ronika Loubry former Celebrity news show presenter devote a big amount of their time, money and network,to make sure she reaches far.
What do you think??If it was your daughter,would you have acted the same?

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  1. Seriously, I wouldn't but as you can see the parents are both former so so and so means that their time in the spotlight is over but since they still want to be in it so they are actually doing it by using their daughter... I mean seriously, y should she pose half naked? Why should they encourage her to model like how kids her age do.. lol!

  2. That is so True!! whenever the family has the so and so whose time has expired already, they tend to channel all that to those around them...look at what the Kardashian family are doing? same with politicians and such...but am so sad for this kid! Yes,she has a brighter future than many of us, but to go through all that at this tender age...NO!

  3. Repulsive Repulsive!!!! To think to exploit your child. afor what ?

  4. I think she's smoking hot. Wish there were more like her

  5. i'am going to maried her