"The Bodyguard" movie Remake- The Cast

When i heard that Warner bros decided to do a remake of "The Bodyguard" movie, i was devastated!! Seriously..."and I will always...love youuuu", by Whitney Houston became a favorite soundtrack of all time, because of this movie..!I hopelessly fell in love with Kevin Costner in this movie!!
 This is my one of my favorite movies of all time...well,second to "Brown Suger"...lol
Well,this got me thinking...who are the cast!?..Since the new script is gonna be written by Jeremiah Friedman and Nick Palmer ...who do you think is gonna act Whitney Houston's part?..I would say Jill Scott or Katy Perry  or maybe  Jennifer Hudson. What do you think?

And for Kevin Costner's part, am thinking  Channing Tatum or  Tyrese Gibson, or maybe LL Cool J...hahahah

Missie Popular

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