The Evans Bukuku Comedy Show was insane!!!

Woke-up so refreshed today, thanks to Evans Bukuku and his crew for such an entertaining night! Gosh..i laughed so much!

 The stage was on point!!
 The MC....well,let me say he is another comedian!!great job Taji Liundi!
 He really got the crowd active....and at ease
 So, the comedy kicked off with Ray hating on cellphones! hilarious man!
 Dogo Janja!!!gosh,this kid is nuts!!!!
 This time dogo janja covered the "women's power over men" category...and he didn't disappoint!!
When the big guy graced the was a night well spent!!!Evans went over every subject i can think of....from the comparison between the chaotic Dar es Salaam and the dead-European cities...Different races and their cultures....Periperi Indian foods (and what they can do to you :-)) was everywhere!!

WATCH THIS PAGE...Videos on the way..

Missie Popular


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