Exclusive Interview with Mtani Nyamakababi-Youngest Tanzania designer

You might remember a certain collection i posted earlier, called "African Look" by Mtani Nyamakababi..
 So,we decided to have a little talk with the guy behind this design...Mtani Nyakamababi. He is one of the youngest Tanzanian male designers, with big dreams and an amazingly clear future in the industry.
 This is, Mtani Nyakamababi...posing in one of his amazing male shirts designs that forms his current collection...Here is how our interview went down;

MP: How long did it take for you to come-up with this collection?
Mtani: I have been with the idea of these designs a while ago, I can say it took me two months to implement it. And i thank God it is going on well.

MP: What is your inspiration for what you do?
Mtani:  I'm inspired by the absence of the cultural made men cloths in my society, we are basing much on importing westernized products. So all I'm trying to do is create something that will make an African youth feel comfortable and appreciate African made cloths.

MP: So, besides this collection, what else are you up-to?
Mtani: We are preparing for the next collection ("50 for 3") which is gonna be launched next month. It consists of three designers who are Salim Ali, Jerry Kitula and my self. Its basing commemoration of the 50th anniversary of UHURU.(Tanzanian Independence)

MP:Swahili Fashion is almost here, will we be able to see your designs showcased in this year's festival?
Mtani: In swahili fashion I have applied for emerging designers competition, I'm waiting for the confirmation.

MP:That is great news and we wish you all the best. So,if i want to purchase one of your designs,how do i get hold of you?
Mtani: For the moment we are still working on our shop which gonna be at Mwenge. You can contact me through FACEBOOK (mtani nyamakababi)  e-mail (nmtani@yahoo.com) mobile (+255652754071)

MP: Okay, i will pass that on,my dear. Thank you very much for taking your time to do this.
Mtani: Thank you very much for the support.

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