Fashionista Tanzanian First Lady Mama Salma Kikwete Lookbook

If there are First Ladies that i admire fashionwise, our own First Lady Mama Salma Kikwete forms the Top Ten! Her head scarf trend is so IN with our Moms,aunts and grannys to the extent that, there is no woman in Tanzania that feels African and feminine without having that thing on their heads!This is what am talking about;
 Isn't that just gorgeous!!!with those beautiful jewels on her neck...

 No matter what she is wearing or where she is...the head scarf is still trending..!

 I can just imagine what President Gaddafi was thinking right that moment!!That's a real African woman right beside you,Mr President...

Even though i cant see myself with such a thing on my head...I still love it on her ...and my mom,for that matter...(she is such a fun)
Though it seems the first lady is okay with me not been a fan..
 This was one amazing night...Thanks for the certificate Madam First Lady..

Missie Popular


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