The FIESTA Concert in Fashion

Luda kept the crowd on its feet throughout his performance...just as it was done by all the Tanzanian local artists who kept the crowd going crazy!! There were even little BUT very impactful surprises like awards to some of the local artists who has contributed alot to the development of Tanzanian Bongo flavour and Hip Hop music!
Disturbing the peace is exactly what he did, on Saturday!
The place was parked!!!majotrooooooo was definitely the case here...gosh!
Let me just say..ARUSHA guys proved a point!! Hip Hop is really ALIVE in Arusha!..that was a great performance!!
 The best "speech" ever!! Fareed Kubanda (Fid Q) remains my ultimate Hip Hop artist favorite of all time!!damn man! you really do 'Spit Fire"
 Best dressed female performer for me was Linah!...she had on a daring lacy hot-pant and this red bollywood kinda scarf...she looked amazing on that stage!
 Well, these dancers always do it best!!and their performance!..impressive
BUT all in is the king himself! Diamond looked superb in a white jacket, bow tie, white sneakers and tight black pants that always magnify his slim body!..And damn! his performance was on-point!! full of emotions,feelings...whatever you wanna call was touchy :-))

I Hope you all had a great weekend, cause i definitely

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