Happy Birthday- Fareed Kubanda a.k.a FidQ...a.k.a Ngosha...a.k.a Baba Fei

Today is a wonderful and important day to one of my favorite Tanzanian Hip Hop artist..the best in all of East Africa.
Born as Fareed Kubanda in August 13, this legend has a million nicknames, but my favorite has been Ngosha...and recently, Baba Fei!
Looks like he had his swagg since then!..lol

As one of the best East African Hip Hop artists, Fareed Kubanda has represented Tanzania in many concerts and shows outside the country, including the famous Umoja and FIESTA concerts.
This achievement together with all his amazing songs with crazy lyrics....enabled him to print a mark among the Tanzania community and East Africa in general, to the extent that, his Birthday is memorable to everyone as if its a Public holiday!!
 He is a leader to many...
 And when he takes-on that stage, we all go wild!!
 We do recognize your contribution to this society, Fid..and we applaud you for all you do

 I guess even the First Lady is a fan......lol
All in all,thank you for letting us SHARE your great day....HAPPY BIRTHDAY my dear..stay blessed

Missie Popular


  1. Happy Bday my Favourite Mc best ever Fareed Kubanda 1 <3 Bro

  2. u are real the don...............