Happy Birthday Feisal Fareed Kubanda

Have you had any idea that Fid Q has a son??well, if you didnt know.... that makes two of us :-)
I just found out that this Hip Hop legend has a baby boy called Feisal, and today August 9 is his FIRST birthday!!
Here is baby Feisal..i guess he is with mommy...doesnt he look just like Fid Q??
Look at those two poses and the facial expressions...damn!!Congrats Ngosha!Am definitely booking him..lol

FidQ is so happy today..he even went as far as composing a dedication song for his son today!! go here http://www.gongamx.com/profiles/blogs/a-dedication-to-fid-q-s-son-feisal to listen to the song

Missie Popular


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