Kelly Rowland joins the Nip Slip Club

While perfoming at the 4Sixty6 club in New Jersey, Kelly Rowland had a nip slip like that of Nicki Minaj...Let me just say, people don't learn!!
Imagine her performing in this leather top, with all her stage strength as we all know her...and she didnt expect anything to pop out!!!?Well, Kelly joins Janet Jackson and Nicki Minaj in this wardrob malfunction club of nip slips....WATCH

Not good at all, Kelly! Love you still

"Here I am" Album is out already, and i would really recomend you to grab your copy if you can...and enjoy some good music!

Missie Popular


  1. Heeeeee, kama ina kuja na one of her nip ,why not to be grab"

  2. hahahahahah...its so wonderful jinsi wanavyotuonyesha hizi nipplez jamani!!lol