Meet Lotus Menezes- Tanzanian Lawyer with immerse talents!

Lotus Menezes is a Tanzanian diva with Goa origins who grew up at Uhuru Street Kariakoo, Dar es Salaam. She did her Primary school at Olympio Primary, then went to Greenacres in Kenya. She received a Law Degree from Cape Town University, South Africa...and came back home where she has been practising for four years now.

What makes this lady stands-out, is her other talents besides her career in Law. Lotus is an amazing dancer, and she teaches Salsa dance at the Little Theatre, Oysterbay..(Am proudly one of her graduate
She also does painting, and her solo exhibition just opened up last night 5th August,2011, at Makutano Art Gallery, where she launched her collection, "By the Stroke of a Brush"

 The above paintings are labeled "Salsa in Dar", "Monsoon Zanzibar"  and "Coco beach" respectively.

Besides the exhibition, Lotus organises the best and only Salsa parties in town!..bringing together Salsa and latino dance lovers in one room with amazing Djs from all over the world!We are talking Tango, Salsa, name it!

Pesonally, I have much respect for this diva...

Missie Popular


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