My LIKEs from Mustafa Hassanali "UHURU" Collection

The UHURU Collection by Mustafa Hassanali as showcased during the Africa Fashion International in South Africa, it was adorned by beautiful pieces and accessories! I love the Vibuyu thingy on the head..amazing!! Now..out of that collection, these are what we dig most!!

 From the body-hugging design to the colors!! We love these pieces!!
 These two are almost the same..and we love them due to the details..the hem and the neckline

 I have never been fond of wearing brown but these designs kinda changed my mind!! Sexy!
 Besides every other thing! look at that waist belt!! I wouldn't mind wearing this on my wedding! Lol
Now..this topped it all!! From the Maasai-Tanzania flag-colored beads and tiara, to the dress itself! Breathtakingly beautiful, won by a beauty Millen Magesse,what a finish!!

Looking Forward to Swahili Fashion Week Nov 11-12!

Missie Popular


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