The accessories I encountered this weekend!

I have always been a sucker for shoes...can't get enough of them!This weekend i got to be in the middle of such an event...Lady in Red Fashion Show...and i collected some items..Take a peek
 An amazing Ailinda Sawe Shirt and the beautiful Ally Rehmtullah light purple dress
 Apart from these great shoes,look at her toe nails...multi colored nail polish!
 For my great Male readers!
 Mange Kimambi..i adore the whole look!!...and here is Bab likey the red geeky specs and that bow tie!..:))
 Need i say more!!

 Accessories make your look simple or captivating!...Look at Jokate's accessories! We likey!!
 From the the Maasai bangles...Love it!!
I loved Mwinyi's faded jeans and those simple sneakers....NOT so sure about the hair and the BLEACHED BEARD though...
Wooooooooowww!! Now THESE are some killer shoes!! Saw these on designer and former Tanzanian model  Lucky Peter...amazing!!

Do you have your favorite accessories that you would like to brag about??...Send me those pictures in and let the world talk about them :-))

Missie Popular
Missie Popular


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