Hair Styles,Shoes and other Accessories from Kili Awards

Red Carpet looks require a combination of many things. We are talking about the dress or male suit,shoes,hair style,and all the accessories that goes with it. Some prefer a simple look,others go all depends on the dress code and/or someone's sense of style...This is what i liked,from KTMA 2012

 Fina Mango had such an amazing hair actually tempted to try
 This blonde ...well,it looked great on her too
 My good friend from "Wasafi"...rocking quite a weird hair do..niiiice!
 And then i saw Saraha.... you gotta love her guts!!
 Queen Darlin' had such amazing gold pieces..i love the head gear!
 And this guy had an amazing top which has an attached scarf to it..mixing smartness with that casual look,love it!
 When it comes to accessories,you need to decide what you want people to focus on..NOW,on her part,she went to such an extreme,i was confused! Head gear,statement necklace and bracelet...colorful purse and a red belt. It was just too much!
 Pearls are girl's best just changes that look!
 Both the above and below accessories were on this girl..i love the way she took gold and mixed with black....elegance!


Get your Red Carpet accessories ideas....see you on another great event

Missie Popular


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