Tanzania Mitindo House 5th Anivessary

Yesterday was the 5th Birthday for Tanzania Mitindo House,which was celebrated by an opening of a new TMH Office and training center! The office is located at Namanga area,very close to the US Embassy...and it comprises of two showrooms for designs from the TMH designers, a training facility for tailoring and offices. Its a one storey building,beautifully decorated with Red and White.
 The event kicked off with a Happy Anivessary cake...
 So many people showed up to congratulate TMH and its designers..
 designers Farha,Frankoo and Khadija Mwanamboka (center) posing with guests

 Even Gadner Habash was there...lol

 From left; Fashionjunkii Rosemary, Khadija, Rio and Da' Amina of Amina Designs
 At the entrance of the new TMH Offices there is this beautiful FnaaZ dress designed by Farha

                           After a tour of the whole building, i was taken to the greatest room of all!
                               Yes...a showroom full of dresses,shirts,shorts,accessories...you name it!!
                                   Mustafa Hassanali selling one of his designed dresses to Amina..
                                    The designs are just fabulous!! there is one for everyone...
 Be it shorts,Khanga jeans,dresses,tops etc...
                                This is just one of the two showrooms found at Tanzania Mitindo House :))
                            For those in-love with accessories,this will be haven for you...
                                                                    Need I say more??
Happy Birthday TMH....looking forward to more great things from you!

Missie Popular


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