BBA7 Tanzania Representatives Hilda and Julio are Back Home.

 Today,Multichoice Tanzania called a Press Conference for the Tanznaian representatives at Big Brother Africa "StarGames"...Hilda and Julio. Sitting from left is Barbara Kambogi (MultiChoice PR Manager ), Julio, Hilda and Multichoice Marketing Manager,Furaha Samalu
 Julio Batalia explaining to the media about his experience in the Big Brother house
 The amazing Hilda Reiffenstein giving the media a brief on what went down inside the BBA7 house. She was really good in there,if only the odds weren't against her :(
Ms Barabara closing the press conference.
It's sad to see how the game played us..BUT heeey,we both know they did their best in there. Now we close this charpter and move on to some other news...
Welcome back,guyz...

Images cortesy of Michuzi Blog

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