Is Wema Sepetu Re-Branding her image?

Tuesday, May 29, 2012 Missie Popular 7 Comments

I have noticed lot's of changes on Wema's image since the Diamond's relationship issues...I don't know..maybe am poking my nose where it doesn't belong...BUT look at this and tell me otherwise;
 From this amazingngly beautiful angel...Wema Sepetu transitioned to a rather light-skinned and fashionably a risk-taker in most of her outings! That's apart from all rumors and scandals
 Am sure you can tell the difference. Well,the aim of this post is not to dwell on Wema's past BUT the transformition that i have been noticing. Lately,Wema has been dressing very properly and am even shocked to admit this,BUT she looks more mature and Lady-like!
When i took this picture at The Mboni Show..i really had to salute Wema. This Serena waiter was sooo drunk, and he stalked Wema all night,until i took the picture of him and this beauty..BUT Wema was all cool about the situation :)
So,is this former Miss Tanzania re-branding her image? Is she about to shock all rumor-lovers and stay away from Udaku front pages?...I see it happening,do you?

Missie Popular

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  1. mkorogo noma!she was so betty mwanzon

  2. i like her first picture she was sooooooooooooo beautifu, i hope anaweza punguza mkorogo hajachelewa. ni kweli amependeza naona akiwa mwenyewe anakuwa na akili zaidi. kazana Tanzania Queen

  3. anatisha sana huyo wema na huo mkorogo amepoteza Thamani yake ya uafrica anaonekana wa ajabu tofauti na alivyokuwa mwanzo anyway pesa inamsumbua

  4. agree she is not a girl she is a lady now and she handle herself very well than most ladies wa mujini, you got to agree with me she soo smart, she can make a speech, she got interview skills, answer questions very thoughtful,she speek good i mean excelent english, i mean she is good in many things you name it, she is a good role model for most young girls, for people who say negative about her they got issues with their own selfesteem its easy to say negative when you speak broken english or scared to speak in public you consol yourself by being negative, Wema i chear you, go girl

  5. 2b honest I realy lov ths chic evr since thn sh has been ma inspiration evr. They hv been tagged her on top of stupid magazines try 2 insult n imbaracing her bt wat gr8 enuf th lady seems 2 move foward with great achivement. Apart 4rm all thz shits stl m nat conviced n as th days goes on I still appriciate ths Diva!! She is awesome jamani... N u knw wat HATRES?!! U jst leave th lady alone n mind yo own damn business, u beta go 2 hell n hang urselves......! Go on super "DIVA"!! Cheers!!!!

  6. 2b honest I realy lov th chic evr since then. Thy hv been tagged stupid thngs abt her on th top of th stupid magazines try 2 insult n embarace her bt wat suprised enuf th lady got guts n stl moving forward n nvr drop down. She z a super "DIVA".... So pls hatres leave th lady alone n mind yo own damn business, u beta go 2 hell n hang urselves. Thumbs Up 4 the lady! Cheers!!

  7. Wema ni mzuri, na vyovyote anavyopenda kuwa its her choice jamani mwacheniiiii... Go girl