Best Dressed at Wema Sepetu's Glitters Night

 So...Wema decided to take the crown for BEST she rocked this XOXO red dress as styled by Sara Raque....rocking some amazing Blue Christian Louboutin
 See the gold anklet?... Wema Sepetu was all glitters with Blond hair... Gold earrings,3 Gold bracelets, Two Gold rings and one Gold anklet!!
 Now you understand why she is the Top Best Dressed on this
 Second Best is Tanzanian singer and amazing performer... Sara Kaisi a.k.a Shaa!
 On the third place is blogger Mange Kimambi (left) and Monica...all rocking pale green
 Others who looked fabulous...for the men i give it to stylist Rio Paul...
 And the list goes on..and on....
 Vj Penny rocking the trending scarf supermodel Miriam Odemba shows how its done!
 Single button was put to rest in this event!Actually,Ommy Dimpoz had a SIX button sweater :))
 This is one of the Tanzanian actresses and she is gorgeous!! I just don't know who asked her to put all that blush on the already amazing cheek bones!! Styling HELP is needed to the movie industry,For sure!!
 Guests at this event were really dressed up for the occasion....though it was quite a mix
 Some appeared smart in suits and blazers...superb for the cocktail event it was
 Quite impressive
 GongaMx with his babe looking well as QuickRoca and Izzo Business
 Others opted for some more colors...mostly Green was the color many chose to wear
 Afrikalos design by Mustafa Hassanali was also well represented!
 I love when people dare for something different! Zamaradi of Clouds TV (LEFT) just had a baby and here she is,rocking an Indian style which leaves the belly for everyone to see! And we likey what we see,for sure!! Same as comedian Steven Nyerere,pulling off a cowboy look!
 Tanzanian singer,Linah (LEFT) decided to go African print and I like what i see
 The playful girls on the red carpet....Salma Msangi and Jacque Cliff both rocking asymmetrical
 B**ch stole my look??! of those moments when two looks are close to the same idea
 The passing by...on the red carpet....
 Looks that I am not so sure where to place them....

Wazee wa Kazi....Tanzanian Hip Hop legends AY,MwanaFA and DJ Arthur where in the house too!

So, there they are...Best dressed,the passersby and the "Not so sure" looks from Wema Sepetu's Glitters Night....You wanna see the WORST DRESSED?....Prepare your ribs for some laughs

Missie Popular


  1. Ha haa. Thanks for updates. wadada na wakaka wamekuchaa.nimependa monica alivyojipatia na figa lake la kiafrika. analipa sana. tunasubiri worst dressed

  2. Nice Post! Thanks. Hongera sana kwa Wema. Wanahabari sasa watoe support wasahau yaliyopita, waitangaze hii Positively.

  3. Congrats Wema. Kweli Wema amependeza sana.I love your Blog MP. Keep it Up. Mbona we haujajiweka ulivyovaa? please post your photos too.

  4. kweli wema alipendeza sna, the lipstick na sweet lips zake, hiyo CL YAKE kiboko, hayo ma gold, yupo juu, nimependa mke wa frank gonga alivyovaa, na monica is my 3rd, mange na zamadari sio sana, shaa yaah amependeza, na rafiki ya wema pia alitoka bomba

  5. How can you give number 3 spot to people with completely different looks?. Monica's dress is chic but the shoes are a noon for that length of adress ( too chunky)
    Mange killed it thus deserves number 3

  6. Una chuki binafsi, wapi Miriam kafunika mbayaaaaa na trendy colour ovyoooo afu unajidai fashion police ! Wapi bijoux ?

  7. penny not deserve in best dress nikawaida sana!na huyo mwenye dress ya vibwebwe na mkanda mweuc amekata nywele pia yy kawaida sana au unawafahamu hao unawapa ujiko?

  8. I've never seen such a fake/weird looking lace wig Wema... go to another hair dresser

  9. Seriously? Hiyo mitumba and those cheap fabric chinese sweatshop laughable trainwrecks. I dont think these people were expecting fashion policing.

  10. Dina Marious Noooooooo

  11. jaman dj penny kikawaida sana hajanishtua though ni fan wake, salma msangi BIG NO na huo wembamba wake ka mti na nguo aliyovaa kha! irene paul so so super ugly uso ni mgumu sana aina ya make up imemchoresha zaidi, SHAA always unanifurahisha like ya. DINA MARIOUS umejitahidi kwa mara ya kwanza tangu nikuone kwenye event ka hizi, lina u young nguo ka hyo kwenye such event kawaida tu mvuto no, ZAMARADI hairstyle na sura yako no coz kiukwel haviendani........................missie popular you rock nmeipenda hiii

  12. wema for sure kapendeza mnoooooooooooooo

    i like ha xoxo

  13. Dina Marios Yes !

  14. i love WEMA to death

  15. I love this fashion!
    Simple but catchy..

  16. wema,miriam, snura na huyo dada pembeni ya picha ya ray,dada pembeni ya mwasiti,salma msangi,na mange nadani walipaswa kuwa juu kabsa ya list nadhan hujawatendea haki kabisa hasa miriam, snura na dada pembeni ya ray