World's Highest High Heel Shoes

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Women love pains...heheheh its crazy BUT true! Women find any means of inducing pain,to feel satisfied with BEAUTY! Talking about tweezing eyebrows,waxing,crazy painful hairstyles,and the famous high heeled shoes!...Now,as a woman,would you wear this?

 These are just 7inch high..BUT you can see how awkward that leg is positioned!
 At 7inch you see the sole? Imagine how twisted that leg will be!
 What about this beauty!! Would you wear this?
 I included this pair NOT because of how high it is..BUT rather how awkward it is!
 At number 2 we have the Louboutin ballet 8feet high! Its the highest shoe ever made,BUT not my number 1....because it wasn't made for someone to actually wear.
 BUT this one was....standing tall at Number 1...LadyBWear is even recognized by the Guinness World Record!! Its 11inch high heeled shoes...damn!!! I wouldn't dare try them on...Would you?

Missie Popular

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  1. duuuh.... de heels r too okuwad dsipite de hight

  2. These are the world ugliest shoes

  3. i have just seen this post...oooh my God...cant say jst share them on fbuk...hop its oky

  4. Lady Gaga has worn Waaaayy higher heels than those

  5. Wow... very ulgy lmao why would anyone wanna wear these?!

  6. WoW, now that's crazy, "I'm a huge fan of "High Heels", but Damn, some "High Heels", are a way of causing the death!

  7. I would wear them heels I'm obsessed with high heels I don't care what pain it gives me ill wear it because it will make me look good and make me feel fabulous y nt give it a try..?? I'm willing to try them 11inch heels!

  8. I wear 7.5 & 8.5 inch spike high heeled boots. I have lots of heels over 6 inches I a man & my girlfriends loves me in them. I would love 11 inch heels...

  9. i love highheels- always want to see my girlfriend wearing sexy higheels. i want to make friends who love wearing highheels. they can contact me and send me their pictures also-

  10. Not intrested these heels sucksssss!!!!!!

  11. same I would never us those heels ever I would fall in them

  12. The guinness book's tallest shoes are actually listed as a 20 inch pair made by an Indian designer.

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