Diamond Platinumz has a new Dance Move! Plus...He is Sick :(

Tanzanian artist Diamond Platinumz is SICK..and thinks he was going to die yesterday
On his website, he actually posted "Diamond is No more"..as the title of his post...quite a crazy thing to do,if you ask me...you don't start your own death hoaxes...
His sickness is said to result from exhaustion...mostly due to training and his frequent shows
Anyhow...Today I just wanted to recognize his new dance move...since we once talked about him and his all too much choreography that we were getting tired of...
Let's hope this move will not lead to accidents...maana!!

Missie Popular


  1. You must understand that he does the same routine in DIFFERENT towns and cities. There are so many people in Tanzania who like Diamond at the moment. I think its only fair to give them a chance to see the performance instead of reading it in papers or blogs.
    I do understand your concerns though.

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