This is Salim Ali- Tanzanian Designer for Mtoko Designs

MP: Welcome to M.P Blog, Salim. Let's start, when did you join the fashion world?

Salim: I joined fashion world back in 2005. That was during the REDDS kenya fashion week. I was one among 12 upcoming designers from tanzania who were competing for a chance to showcase in Kenya fashion week. But i couldnt get the chance to be in the finals so i stopped for a while and started to concentrate much on my studies. And by the year 2008 i got back into fashion world and this time as a model. I did that for 2 years before i got myself into fashion designing in 2010.
 MP: Some people say "Fashion doesn't pay in Tanzania". What benefits have you received so far,through your work?

Salim: Recognition of my talent. This is what i have been fighting for, for a couple of years. I wanted my talent to be known before the eyes of different people and now i feel so proud when i go to Evans Bukuku comedy show and i hear Mtoko Designs  being mentioned as one of the sponsors of the event. That's a great achievement to me.

MP: What do you think are the challenges facing Tanzanian designers,today?

Salim: We need a serious textile industry that can produce designers products in large quantity and of a good quality. That can improve the products of designers while reducing the costs of importing materials from abroad.

MP: What do you do besides fashion designing

Salim: Still studying and working as a social worker. I have been working with different NGOs with this profession.
 MP: You recently launched your MNG'AO collection, what was the inspiration behind?

 Salim: Actually MNG'AO is my third collection since i got myself into this field. I wanted this collection to be different from the previous one. I tried to play with colors and glitter materials so as to portray the mesage. But mostly the inspiration behind this is the desire for me to use this collection as something that can draw me closer to the people around. I wanted this collection to get me out into this world of fashion designing. And thank God it worked. I have received good media response from the day I have launched it and has attracted many people.

MP: A lil' bird told me you dress Bongo celebrities, Is it true? Who?
Salim: Hahaha, yea i do!!I dress Evans Bukuku, WEUSI "bongo hip hop group",  e.t.c

MP: Swahili fashion week is on its way, should we expect to see your work on the runway?

 Salim: INSHALLAH!!!

MP: What is the one thing that nobody knows about you

 Salim:  Am a go getter, and very focused!!! SPECIAL THANKS TO MUM, ASYA KHAMSIN IDAROUS

MP: Thank you so much for being with us,today

Salim: Thank u so much sisy.

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