A Tough Friday for Kariakoo Dar es Salaam- Muslim Demonstrations

It has been one tough Friday for all who happened to be around Kariakoo area,this Friday afternoon. Main reason being a commotion on Muslim demonstrations after the Jumaa prayers, in demand for the release of their leader who is in Police Custody. One of M.P great reader, Yusuph happened to be among the affected, especially with the tear gas.
 This is the real truth about how Kariakoo was like...the smoke at the back is one of the tear gas
 All shops were closed and people were asked to go back home and stay off the Kariakoo area.
Until Yusuph left the area, Kariakoo was calm and quite, with FFU and police patrol going street to street urging people to stay indoors. So, if you saw images of people being whipped, and all that....now you knoe the truth.
Brought to you by our Kariakoo reporter, Yusuph :))) thank you dearest

God Bless Tanzania,

We pray.
Missie Popular

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