Flaviana Matata is a Supermodel!

Yes, I said it. For all those who keep on sending comments about "why" I refer to Flaviana as a supermodel...this is for you.
At the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Africa, Flaviana did 16 shows for different designers within three days. Now,if that does not qualify her as a supermodel....tell me what does.
 I saw this "backstage" image of Flav,and I was so amazed at how the South African and West African bloggers are aware of her work! Just to keep you updated with the recent show she did,check out the names of the designers....count them too ;)))

 Other designers gave her two to three different outfits,in one show!

So, are we on the same page now? Tanzania has a supermodel in the International Modeling Industry....and there is no doubt about that.

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