From Skyfall Movie Premier by Heineken

 Mlimani City was the place to be,on Thursday 25th Oct....the Premier of Skyfall movie
 Thanks to Heineken, we had an amazing time!
 The Mlimani City hall was set James Bond style..for the launch and after party.... and the Nirvana crew was there to cover it all! From left: Lotus, Bhoke and Deo
 After the launch, the invited guests were directed to the cinema 1 for the actual movie premier...Heineken beer was the first greeting ;))
 I saw so many fashion styles....I might say, I felt under dressed!
 The invitees were big names and this beautiful couple of Gardner and Lady Jaydee
 It was a popcorn and Heineken affair...well,for most of the guests
 Gotcha! Mr Kibonde was there too...

 There was a special green photo booth, but unfortunately it wasn't cooperating with my camera
 AY and Madam Ritha in the house! 
 Dear is an endorsement from
 It was beautiful people everywhere.... 
 Great couples too....thanks to Heineken, the VIP tickets we received, admitted TWO people
 Izzo B with his fan,my kid brother...This young man looooves Hip Hop!

 I see youuuuu Stellah...
 Heineken still flowing....

 So,why not play around with it?...Let's see if I can balance it on my head....
 Yeaaaahhhhhh I can do it!!

 All in all, it was a great moment! The movie was on point...especially the dialogue! Plus,the new MoneyPenny is so FINE! 50 Years of James Bond have been well celebrated...
See you on the next event.... PEACE!

Missie Popular


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