Glenmorangie Whiskey is in Town!

At last that great whiskey brand, Glenmorangie has arrived in Tanzania. With it's varieties of products which are very easy to "swallow"....this brand is one of the finest in South Africa. A winner of double Gold medals...this is Glenmorangie
 Did you know there is "Malt Whisky" too?...
 In Marketing,packaging makes over 60% of the product....And this brand knows how to utilize that part

The Glenmorangie Ambassador Mr. Niel Hendriksz as he introduces the brand to the media (not in picture)...and you can see different brands under Glenmorangie,on the right corner. (This picture is by Michuzi blog)

So,will you try it? Let's meet at "Bring Your Own Bottle" party on Saturday at the Green, and have a taste of the new baby in town....hhihiihi

Missie Popular


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