How to Hair Wax at Home- MP's Secret

Waxing is the best thing for any Lady or Gentleman who prefers smoothness over hair. Am talking about removing hair on certain places through waxing rather than shaving ;))...I am among those who get shocked when i get into a Salon and I hear a Lady asking for waxing seriously?! That process is quite intimate and personal,why go to a stranger? Here is a new secret for you...

Let's start with how to make a Natural Wax liquid...
Take TWO cups of sugar...yes,normal sugar we use. 2 cups of sugar, one 1/4 cup of lemon and 1/4 cup of water. Mix them together and put in a clean dry cooking pan.
 Stir the mixture until it turns deep golden (for white sugar) and deep brown for brown sugar
 Put your mixture on the floor/table and let it cool a little bit, so you won't burn yourself
 Test the mixture on your finger/arm and if it is the right temperature
 Prepare pieces of cloth for the waxing process. You can even use an old T shirt that you wanted to throw away ;)). Cut small rectangular pieces that you can use to remore the hair.
Apply the wax fluid on the place you want to wax, put the piece of cloth on it....let it stay for few seconds and then remove the hair.
Yes, it will hurt a little, BUT we all know... Ukitaka Uzuri.........

After the whole process, you will feel like the cleanest person on earth! Ladies and Gentlemen, cleanliness is not on the face only...remember those other places ;))

NOW you know the Secret.....enjoy your waxing moment,right at the privacy of your home.

Missie Popular


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