Thursday, October 11, 2012

More from the Kidoti Launch

 Jokate Mwegelo of Kidoti Company as she introduces the new hairline products to the media
 The hair products launch went hand in hand with an official launch of the Kidoti Company
 Here is the Team of the Kidoti Company. The company works on Hair, Clothing and Accessories
 The hair products come in different styles and are the models rocking the Kidoti hair
 Giving you varieties to choose from, according to your moods, style and personality

 Tanzanian renowned designer, Khadija Mwanamboka endorsing the Kidoti Hairline products
 An interested customer testing the hair products' texture and feel....
Many congrats to Jokate and her Kidoti team for this step. Instead of going the same direction of Clothing designs only, this team thought out of the box and incorporated what many of us left! Keep doing what you do, is no longer the limit :))

Missie Popular

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