Single Ladies- One of the Most Fashionable TV Series

If you do not know what am talking about, shame on you!! (Unless you are my male reader,karibu)...Single Ladies is a new TV series (Season 1 &2) and I believe it is one of the most fashion conscious program in a looong time!
 A story of THREE (main) character ladies who live the single life, struggle to get the right men..sometimes mess up their relationships etc....
 One of the program location is a Boutique and they do it justice!! The characters (both males and females) dress up in trendy outfits, fashionable hair, accessories.. you name it!
The cast includes the sexy diva, Lisa Raye McCoy,Stacey Dash,Denise Vasi, D.B Woodside and many more.   For those who still don't get the is a video trailer for the second season ... ENJOY

Missie Popular


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