Solange Knowles covers Elle SA magazine- Styled by a Tanzanian diva

 Arafa Mpungwe is a Tanzanian fashion Intern in South Africa, i guess she is a sister to Anisa Mpungwe of Loin Cloth and Ashes.She too, got a chance to work with Solange on the photoshoot, I can imagine how many fashion lovers would have done anything for that chance!!
 Arafa  and fellow intern are busy at work, and the end result of what they accomplished is just remarkable!
 After styling and all, Solange had her hair done by Kevin
 Solange opted for South African brands including Loin,Cloth and Ashes, where Anisa Mpungwe comes in. Anisa makes sure all is in order and ready before the shoot.
 To make Solange at ease, Jackie Burger who is the Editor,chats with her

 I can just imagine the tweets that were flowing from these girls.. "OMG! she is so beautiful!...i touched her hair.....She asked for one sugar for her coffee.. She doesn't look like Beyonce at all....." etc
Bottom line is, Solange rocked the cover of ELLE magazine, the November issue...wearing pieces from Tanzanian Anisa Mpungwe of Loin,Cloth and Ashes!! I looove the combination....

Big up to all Tanzanian talents that are shining out there...just remember to raise that flag high,for all to see.

Images by Elle SA

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