The Shellina 2013 Resort at Maridadi Show

High hopes, anticipation, curiosity... these are among the things I experienced as I waited for the Shellina Show at Maridadi. If you saw the last Shellina Resort collection, I guess we were on the same boat on this one... So, here is the collection showcased by Shellina of Shellina Collection.
 The collection was all colorful in Orange and Sky Blue as main colors
 What i noticed is, Shellina's attention was on the neck design/cuts. All of her pieces had that low V neck
 The details of the neck were the only different thing i saw, to be honest.... otherwise, like someone told me after the show, "most dresses looked like night gowns"
 Maybe it's the fabrics used, or how the models were fit on the dresses... or maybe there was just too much expectation

 I liked the presentation of the collection though... it was something different and vibrant

 And Daxxxx....damn!!  OkayByee
 One thing is for sure, we are interested to see more from Shellina. Maybe during Swahili Fashion Week?

 In red, there comes Ms Shellina...the designer behind  Shellina S/S Resort. Have you noticed the details of on neck of her red dress? 
Ladies and Gents, mark that face... I have a feeling we are going to see more from her.

Missie Popular


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