Various Make-up Ideas from New York, London, Paris and Milan Fashion Week

In most (if not all) of Tanzanian fashion shows, the make-up styles are always the same. Lot's of foundation, colorful eyes and enough blush to make the model look like a doll. (yes, i said it!)...
 Now,today let's take a look at what OTHER fashion designers and their make-up artists choose to do;
 International designers create everything around their THEME of the collection at hand. This includes the kind/type of models they require, hair & make-up, shoes &Accessories, venue deco etc. Take an example of this model, all her make-up was done to match her with Legendary singer, Grace Jones. Dark lipstick, and heavy liner all around her eyes.
 Some other designers choose nude make-up with little emphasis around the eyes. Like the green eye liner on the model (RIGHT)....the foundation used is to it's minimal, and the lips are given a soft touch

 The same technique can be applied to create the attention to the eyes,only. Models look all natural, except for the eyes.

 We know the crystal-style is IN. Instead of only applying the crystals on the lips (like on Enchanted Jungle by Ally Rehmtullah)..the make-up artist can also opt for crystals around the eye lids. Since the crystals alone call for attention, the rest of the model's face should be given a nude/natural make-up treatment.
 This is one of my favorites. The make-up artist opt for a total natural look, and put emphasis on the lips ONLY. This type of make-up makes it easier for the audience to relate to the model and the outfits she is showcasing (That's what I believe)
Last BUT not this art. It is the first one i have seen, and it was used by FENDI. As you can see, the whole of the model's face was left untouched, with emphasis on the eyes which had pieces attached to it,showing different colors used on the designs.

There you have it,.....It is not only for designers to be creative, BUT also those working around him/her. Am talking about hair & make-up, accessories, runway choreography etc.

Images from Vogue UK

Missie Popular


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