Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Who/How and What Happened at Groove Theory this October

 Thanks to Heineken...Blind Tigers, #weOutchea and the Groove theory team....
 The event started earlier on a Saturday Afternoon...
 The who-is-who of the town where all at one place....Velisa Beach

 Great music from amazing DJs

 Judging from the empty bottles and cans, looks like the damage was already done,veeery early!
 BUT the real damage took place when the sun went down....
 Beautiful people fashionably having fun
 And I mean...really beautiful

 You were not there??!! Really?!

 I saw fashion on every angle of Velisa's. From the male shorts and great summer trendy girls
 Love was in the air...everywhere!

If you missed it, poleeee.... Am sure MwanaFA's face tells it all,

For more images, visit Groove Theory's Facebook Group, 

All images by Michael Mlingwa Mx

Missie Popular

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